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ESPN's Farm System Rankings: A's Come In 9th, Giants Way Down At 26th

Down on the farm systems of the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants are the futures of each franchise, and according to ESPN's Keith Law, the future may be a bit brighter for the A's then the Giants.

Law has the A's ranked as the 9th best farm system in Major League Baseball, while the Giants find themselves near hte bottom of the barrel at 26th overall.

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Here's Law's take on the A's system, who he feels improved incredibly with their offseason moves:

This was a bottom-10 system, maybe bottom-five, when the offseason began, but the A's restocked with the trades of Trevor Cahill, Gio Gonzalez and Andrew Bailey. They're still pitching-heavy for a major league club that has struggled to find bats.

See, Billy Beane still knows what he's doing....

As for the Giants, their 'win now' mentality of last season saw the loss of prospect Zach Wheeler for two and a half months of Carlos Beltran. But they've got more problems that just that:

The Giants don't go much over MLB's recommended draft bonuses, never seem to acquire any prospects in trades and haven't had success on the international front yet. Their amateur staff has done a great job finding value in later rounds without going over budget, including Brandon Belt and Heath Hembree.

Ports and Rivercats or S.J. Giants and Grizzlies? who you got?

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