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Oakland Athletics Spring Training 2012: Manny Ramirez Signing 'Classic Billy Beane'

Manny Ramirez has joined the Oakland Athletics under the terms of a minor league contract. It's a curious decision when you think about the baggage that comes with "Manny being Manny." However, Athletics Nation thinks this might be one of those moves that really doesn't have any downside.

To me this move makes sense in quite a few ways. First and foremost, it costs the A's nothing really other than $500K which I think Lew Wolff burped up after his breakfast burrito this morning.

Second, Manny is suspended 50 games so the A's don't really have to make any decisions with him until then. If the A's find that Chris Carter or Brandon Allen or someone else can be a beast as a DH prior to then, then you just release Manny.

To me it's classic Billy Beane.

The A's have struggled to find consistent bats in recent seasons since the departure of Frank Thomas. Why not take a shot here. If it doesn't work out, you don't lose much.

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