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Jose Canseco To Try Out With Mexican League Team And To Keep Being Crazy

After trying to convince Billy Beane via Twitter to give him a tryout with the Oakland Athletics, former baseball superstar and current maniac Jose Canseco is utilizing a different route to try to get back to the major leagues. Or whatever it is that he's actually doing. No one is really sure at this point. reports that Canseco will receive a tryout with the Quintana Roo Tigers of the Mexican League.

"Back in baseball I knew I would play this year you just gotta believe in your dreams," Canseco wrote Sunday on Twitter. "Leave on redeye tonite to start spring training with AAA quintana roo tigers tomorrow . TEam won league championship last year."

Canseco has only been out of baseball for 11 years, so this seems totally reasonable and not at all insane for a person to do.

ESPN notes that the Quintana Roo Tigers (which is at least three Winnie-The-Pooh characters, as far as I know) are an MLB Triple-A minor league team, but are not affiliated with any major league team. Which is probably why they're giving Jose Canseco a tryout.

Trust me, no one is rooting for Canseco any harder than me. If he manages to Kenny Powers his way back into pro baseball, it will easily be the story of the century. But perhaps he would be better off sticking to his day job of celebrity boxing and trying to get other celebrities to talk to him on Twitter.

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