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People's Choice Awards 2012: Moneyball Nominated For Favorite Drama Movie

With the awards-season getting close and closer, Moneyball continues to rack up nominations all across the board as the movie has been nominated for a 2012 People's Choice Award for 'Favorite Drama Movie' along with some very stiff competition.

Aside from Moneyball, here are the other four nominees for 'Favorite Drama Movie'

  • The Adjustment Bureau
  • The Help
  • Limitless
  • Water for Elephants

Since these awards are voted on by the people and are for the people, you can have a say as to whether or not Moneyball takes home the trophy! There are lots of ways for you to take part in the PCA awards this season, just make sure to check out their website for all the voting information that you'll need. Get out there and vote!

    For more on how Moneyball fares this awards season, make sure to follow this StoryStream to keep up with all the different nominations and awards!