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Coco Crisp Signs With Oakland A's, According To Reports

The Oakland Athletics were looking like they were cutting payroll and trying to rebuild as a team. But it looks like they're going to try and not totally give up on next year. Buster Olney has this report.

Coco Crisp is signing with Oakland, for a $6m salary in 2012, a $7m salary in '13, a club option of $7.5m for '14, with a $1 m. buyout.
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In some ways, this signing does make sense, as it's low-risk with decent rewards. The A's did have the potential need for a veteran or two given all the youth and so few outfielders. The payroll was incredibly low prior to this move, so it's not like the Athletics are going out and making a big splash on the free agent market.

Crisp was tied for the second highest batting average on the team among regular starters (with Cliff Pennington at .264), and remains a strong stolen base threat when healthy. He still plays very solid defense in center field because of how far he can cover an area in catching a fly ball. Crisp has a poor arm but great range. It should ensure the A's have some offensive stability at a few spots in their lineup.

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