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2012 Oscar Nominations TV Schedule: Good Morning America To Present Academy Awards Nominees

Moneyball is trying to get back on track during movie awards season, and it can really make some noise if it can make some big splashes at the biggest awards week of the season.

With ten nominees for Best Picture, Moneyball is a pretty fair bet to make it. Brad Pitt should be a good bet to get a nomination for Best Actor, and Jonah Hill will probably have a chance at a Best Supporting Actor nomination. Other categories that could feature the movie would be the Best Screenplay and the Best Editing awards, with Best Director also a possibility. Expect five or so nominations for the movie if all's gone well, although it could be much less than that if the stuffy Academy turns away from appreciating this film.

Time: 5:30 AM PT/8:30 AM ET

TV: ABC, on Good Morning America

Online: Click here for stream link.

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