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Golden Globe Awards Winners 2012: Moneyball Loses Best Screenplay Award To Woody Allen

The Golden Globe Awards are a little over halfway through and thus far Moneyball is 0-for-2. Earlier, Jonah Hill lost out on Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Drama, and now Aaron Sorkin and Steven Zaillian have lost out on best screenplay. Woody Allen claimed the award for Midnight In Paris.

As we move closer to the Academy Awards in late February, this should not impact the race as the two movies would appear likely to be nominated in separate categories. Woody Allen wrote the screenplay for Midnight In Paris and would be up for Best Original Screenplay. Moneyball is an adaptation of the Michael Lewis book of the same name. It was a fairly faithful adaptation of the book, while also doing an excellent job of adding in enough biting wit to drum interest in a subject like statistics in baseball.

Moneyball has been nominated for four awards total including Best Picture, Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama, Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture Drama and Best Motion Picture screenplay.