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People's Choice Awards Winners 2012: Moneyball Loses Best Drama Movie To Water For Elephants

The 2012 People's Choice Awards are underway and the awards have gotten to the movie honorees. Moneyball was nominated for best movie drama, but came up short, losing out to Water For Elephants. The other nominees included Limitless, The Help and The Adjustment Bureau. The show is airing live on CBS at 9pm ET and will be on tape delay at 9pm on the west coast.

Water For Elephants was released fairly early in the Oscar calendar, and as recently as January 3 it was not included in some early Oscar predictions. While the People's Choice win is a solid win for the movie from a popularity standpoint, it probably will not make a huge difference in the Oscar race. The Golden Globes will be given out this coming weekend and Water For Elephants did not appear on the nomination list.

Moneyball has come off a bit from Oscar favorite status but remains in the hunt for a variety of awards including Best Actor, Best Supporting Actor and Best Adapted Screenplay.