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Moneyball Movie: Jonah Hill Video Interview With MTV

The presence of Brad Pitt in the lead role of . But his sidekick in this movie is an unconventional pick. Jonah Hill has been more of a comedic actor, so it's surprising that he'd end up on a more serious-oriented film like Moneyball. It's hard to see Hill in a straight-suit role, but this is how he'll be. He'll be in a suit for much of this production, and he'll be as serious as possible. Although if the trailer is any indication, he'll have some chances to flash a low-key comedic flare.

Here's a video cllip of Hill talking to MTV. To watch the full interview, go to the MTV link and read up on it. Hill talks about pranks he played with Pitt, his history with baseball (he's a Dodgers fan), and how Moneyball isn't even really a sports movie, but an underdog story of how people succeed when they're expected to fail. It's well-worth a read if you're interested in the movie.