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2012 MLB Japan Series: Oakland A's To Face Seattle Mariners In Tokyo Season Opener

The Oakland A's are one of the more internationally based teams in Major League Baseball today, and are always looking to expand their brand abroad, especially within baseball-savvy Asian communities. And in true Athletic fashion the A's will head to Tokyo, Japan next season to take on the Seattle Mariners for a two game series on March 28th and 29th at the famed Tokyo Dome. Make the jump for more.

These two teams will begin their season's against each other for third straight year, just with a bit of a change of scenery this time around. It will be the first season opener in Japan since the A's took on the Red Sox back in 2008, and a rematch of a cancelled trip between these two back in 2003.

One important question brought up by Joe Stiglich of the Bay Area News Group is whether of not this will have any impact on the return of Hideki Matsui to the Green and Gold. Matsui is the most recognized Japanese player in MLB aside from Ichiro Suzuki, who would face off against each other if Matsui decides to stay in Oakland. 

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