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Josh Willingham Open to Returning to Oakland, But are the A's?

Oakland A's outfielder Josh Willingham was one of the brightest spots on another disappointing roster for the Green and Gold, and is trying to decide whether  he wants to return to Oakland next season. Unfortunately for Josh, so are the A's, which may inhibit his possible return to the East Bay in 2012.

Willingham, a unrestricted free agent after this season, will undoubtedly be eyed by multiple teams this offseason, and spent some time with Brandon Tierney and Eric Davis on The Drive on 95.7 FM to discuss his future. Josh seems to have a great attitude about the whole process of being out there on the market again, even with all the uncertainty around him. Make the jump to see what he had to say. 

Willingham on what's important to him as a Free Agent:

"I'm going into this offseason with an open mind and you know, I think family is obviously first... location will be big... I think the team, we'll look at the teams to see how they are and the status of the upcoming year and then the money and who knows, there's a couple of other things probably that I'm not thinking of."

There always are, like the status of the A's new stadium developments; a problem GM Billy Beane feels will impact both the "short-term and long-term decisions" of the organization, not excluding signing juicy free agents. Beane esentially stated that nothing will be discussed before the new stadium, and no money will be spent until they know the status of the stadium; which could take a long, long time. 

Hopefully Josh simply wants to return to a club he likes:

 Willingham on returning to the Athletics:

"You want to be wanted by somebody and certainly I've enjoyed my time here in Oakland, living where we lived, and I love the guys on the team... Bob Melvin is a big plus coming back, so I mean, again, it's one of those things where I'm definitely gonna explore what's out there in free agency and maybe the A's will come up with a good offer."

Beane has to have his story straight about the A's proposed move to the South Bay, because if he doesn't you can add Josh Willingham to the list of talented Free Agents the A's watched waltz out the front door. 

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