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Moneyball Box Office: Film Succeeds In Big Markets Across Country

Moneyball may have come in second place to The Lion King 3D last weekend, but the movie is apparently very popular in some of the larger cities in the United States. As tells us, the film did well across the country:

Ticket sales for Moneyball averaged $16,159 across 53 screens in the San Francisco movie market (which encompasses Oakland) for a total of $856,427, whereas The Lion King averaged $13,133 across 43 screens -- or $654,719.

It's also notable that San Francisco Moneyball sales outperformed Los Angeles ($14,159 per screen) and New York ($13, 631 per screen), the two largest markets. Nationally, the movie made $6,516 per screen.

Why is this? While there would be no definitive answer, one would have to imagine there is a much higher percentage of adults (both baseball fans and non) in the large cities. With The Lion King focused on a younger audience, many moviegoers likely opted for Moneyball.

In addition, the cities of New York and Los Angeles have always been very passionate about their baseball and many of those living there were eager to see the film. And of course those in the Bay Area were thrilled to see a movie made about their local team.

With tons of positive reviews rolling in for the film from sources all across the nation, Moneyball is a must-see film. Take the family and enjoy it. My guess is you will not be disappointed.