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Billy Beane Talks 'Moneyball,' Future With the A's With 'Rise Guys' on 95.7 The GAME

Oakland Athletics General Manager Billy Beane spent some time Wednesday morning with Dan Dibley, Mark Kreidler, and Whitey Gleason (aka the 'Rise Guys') on 95.7 The GAME to talk about Moneyball, his future with the A's, and even a little bit possibly resigning Josh Willingham. Make the jump to see what he had to say. 

To listen to the whole interview, click here

Beane tackled the rumors swirling about that he may be leaving for Chicago to become their GM in the offseason, making light of the fact that he doesn't want to leave Oakland:

On speculation about joining the Cubs:

Speculation is always flattering... It's cold out there [Chicago] and really nice out here [Oakland]

Could he really leave the season after they made a movie about him? I don't think so. 

Beane also touched on the possiblity of resigning Josh Willingham after the season was over: 

On Conversations with pending UFA Josh Willingham:


This is all part of the process we're going to have to go through before the season ends next Wednesday and unfortunately, it is ending next Wednesday. The biggest thing for us is that it's well documented [that] we're in a complete state of flux as it relates to are we staying in Oakland or are we moving this team at some point down the line? That is going to go into both our short and long term decision making.

There never is a stone left unturned with Billy, he knows what is a priority for this team and what isn't. And if relocation truly is a top priority than prove it, make some moves, stir up some cash, or as Ray Ratto proposed, get Bill Neukom in on the deal. Beane Continues about the possible relocation:

Re clarity on where the A's will be next season and beyond:

It sounds like Groundhog Day and I don't want to be polyan-ish, but we've gotten to a point now where all the information is in... We're at a critical point.  I don't necessarily have any information. I just think we're going to get it very soon... and that's really important for the franchise because we haven't had it the last couple of years.

 The 'Rise Guys' had a few questions about Moneyball, and how he felt about the whole thing:

On Moneyball the movie vs. the book:

[Re book], the one advantage Michael [Lewis] had was that [he] was always there.

[Re movie], I assume that there's some parts you like and the parts you like, those were all true, and all the parts you did not like, were absolutely made up.

Seeing that I've only read the book and I didn't get to see an early screening like some other folks (sigh) I'd say the advantage has to go to the book, just because it's more of a primary source.  'Hollywoodizing' a baseball movie? How could they....

Billy also stated that they changed his 'petname' for Giants GM Brian Sabean, likely because it was too nice and friendly for the cold and calculating Sabean.