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Moneyball Video: Billy Beane Offering To Pay For Ricardo Rincon

Moneyball will be hitting theaters in a week's time, but in the meantime, clips are slowly being released. We've seen multiple trailers for the movie, but over at Facebook, if you "like" Moneyball you can actually view additional clips from the movie. They recently linked over to some video at Yahoo! featuring a scene from the movie, which we've embedded below.

In this particular clip, we see the scene where Billy Beane is trying to get the necessary money to acquire left handed relief pitcher Ricardo Rincon. The A's owner would not pay the additional money, so Billy offered to pay what it would take to acquire him in return for getting the profit difference when he flipped him a year later. Of course, fittingly enough, Rincon ended up staying with the A's for four seasons and proved to be a solid lefty out of the bullpen. Rincon ended up leaving the team as a free agent following the 2005 season.