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Brad Pitt Pranked Jonah Hill On 'Moneyball' Set. A Lot.

You might know Brad Pitt as being an iconic male sex symbol for the past decade and a half of Hollywood-life. Now that he's on a nuanced film playing a complex character like Billy Beane, you'd expect that someone of his stature would be super serious and into his roles.


Jonah Hill, Pitt's cast-member and number two man in Moneyball, describes an actor who is anything but serious outside the acting. Hill was on the butt end of a lot of pranks by Pitt and his crew. Some of the best are described below.

  • Hill calls Pitt the "Bobby Fischer of pranking; he's ten moves ahead of you."
  • Hill drove around the city with fake genitalia hanging from the back of his car.
  • Many jokes associating Hill with Wham!, the British duo of George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley.
  • Terrible things happened to Hill's golf cart (which he used on the set of the movie).
  • One joke involving both his car and Wham!

You'll also find out Hill loves reality TV. You'll have to check out the video from E! to find out more of the details. Definitely worth watching if you're big into Pitt, Hill, behind the scenes information, or Wham!