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'Moneyball' Couldn't Come Out At A Worse Time: Bay Area Sports Week In Review

It's almost like Billy Beane's waiting for the movie to leave theaters before leaving Oakland. Naaaahhhhh....

Moneyball Poster
Moneyball Poster

The movie's coming, and you know you're going to watch it. The part of Billy Beane is made for Brad Pitt, and the rest of the cast is rock solid (in terms of acting ability, not physique in the cases of Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour Hoffman). The chance to see Royce Clayton play Miguel Tejada alone is worth the price of admission. Moneyball isn't guaranteed to be a box office success, but for any who read the book, watched the team or both, it's must-see. Just to see how a huge Hollywood movie team can make the Oakland Coliseum look glamorous and cool is worth at least a matinee ticket, especially since you can probably sneak into another movie after the credits roll on Moneyball.

(Kids, don't listen to what I'm saying. Pulling the 2-for-1 at the movie theater is a bad idea, and could get you in serious trouble. Your butt can fall asleep sitting in a movie theater chair that long.)

Too bad Moneyball is coming off almost like a bio flick after the subject already died. Billy Beane's alive and well, but instead of a step ahead of the competition, he's trading with guys who own the same computers and also read Michael Lewis' book five years ago. And instead of leading the Oakland A's to the land of never-ending pennants, Beane's making small-time trades and on his way to the Cubs or Dodgers, depending on who's spouting rumors. 

Luckily for Pitt and co., most movie critics aren't paying attention to the standings. If the movie's good, it'll stand on it's own merit and not the Athletics' winning percentage. The movie may be fascinating. Too bad it probably won't affect the Athletics' box office numbers.


-- You thought people were excited over the addition of Carlos Beltran (well, people were ... for about five days)? Giants fans celebrated Mardi Gras early on Wednesday with the announcement that Miguel Tejada and Aaron Rowand were designated for assignment. 

-- Jeez, a couple OBPs under .300, one Chicago-centric comment and one pouted-over bunt and everyone wants you gone. 

-- If you're making a first round of cuts to your NFL team and even good football fans in your region have only heard of 20% of the guys you're releasing, you might not have a deep football team. Yeah, I'm talking about you, Niners and Raiders.

-- All I have to say is, the 49ers better not stick Ronald Johnson on the practice squad in favor of Ted Ginn. Oh, who am I kidding. He's a 6th rounder. He's getting cut. Enjoy catching deep balls from McLeod Bethel-Thompson!

-- I tried watching the San Francisco 49ers' third preseason game on DVR (I was out of town when the game was played), and kept finding myself checking Twitter. Not a good sign. Neither was 50 yards passing, 50 yards rushing.

-- At least the Niners weren't blacked out. #BrightSide

-- I feel terrible about the NBA lockout for a couple reasons. First, I love basketball, where teamwork doesn't necessarily have to go hand-in-hand with militaristic overtones. Second, basketball bloggers like Ethan Sherwood Strauss, a supremely talented dude who just wants to write about hoops.

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