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A's Manager Bob Melvin Chats With The Rise Guys On 95.7 The Game

Oakland Athletics manager Bob Melvin took a few minutes Wednesday to chat with Whitey Gleason, Mark Kreidler, and Dan Dibley who host The Rise Guys each morning on 95.7 The Game. We've posted some notable quotations after the jump and you can listen to the entire interview at the 95.7 website.

Melvin spoke about Trevor Cahill's inconsistencies this year as they relate to elevating his pitches. He also discussed the A's trade deadline move and their lack of major activity.

On Trevor Cahill's inconsistency:

"To me the days he gets knocked around a little bit, the ball is elevated, and he needs to pitch down in the zone.  He does have a good mix of pitches, is a guy that can make a pitch when he's behind in the count because of his repertoire, but I think more than anything when the ball is elevated and you're behind in the count, those are when he has his tough days."

On Seattle's Brandon Ryan going first to third Tuesday night:

"I think a combination of things: One, the communication of things, and right away when Scotty goes toward the ball in the whole, he has to continue to second; and second, Sogard has to take third... that's the simple explanation.  Then you have a player like Ryan, who's that type of player, he was very aware, and all he needed was a step in front of a guy and he ended up making us look bad.  You know the end of the day it is certainly embarrassing." 

On Oakland not making a big trade:

"It has to be the right deal, and it's a credit to him (GM Billy Beane) to not take a lesser deal to cut payroll or whatever or get rid of some guys... so wins are important and the group we have here had gotten off to a good start in the second half and he wanted to keep that rolling." 

On Cliff Pennington's Bells Palsy:

"I was surprised to see how well Pennington responded yesterday.  The day before, as the game went along, he didn't look to good, so we got him out of there, got him on the medication and was diagnosed right away and looked considerably better yesterday.  I haven't seen him this morning, but if he responds similar to how he did yesterday, there is a chance he could start come the off day in Tampa." 

On Brandon Allen:

I saw him a little bit from afar in Arizona.  I was working earlier in the year in a scouting role (and) I heard some things about him.  I know he's a great kid, he's got a lot of ability, he's a good athlete, can play first and the outfield, and has a lot of power.  The question has always been whether or not he's going to hit with average.  I don't know that he's gotten a chance to play every day, and get some consistent at bats.  We're looking forward to seeing him here at some point. 

On Hideki Matsui:

For a month plus here, he's been as hot as I've seen anybody.