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A's Trade Conor Jackson To The Red Sox For Jason Rice

Conor Jackson has been traded from the Oakland Athletics to the Boston Red Sox for minor league pitcher Jason Rice and cash. The A's announced the decision after losing to the Cleveland Indians.

Jackson is in his seventh year in the majors and has bounced around, starting with the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2005 before finding his way to Oakland a few years later. Jackson has been performing okay at the plate (.249 batting average, .315 on base percentage, .342 slugging percentage), but it apparently wasn't satisfactory enough for the organization, so the A's turrned him loose. Jackson played for Cal in college, so his Bay Area ties are pretty deep.

Rice is a minor league pitcher for the Pawtucket Red Sox, and has accrued a 3.69 ERA with a 1.395 WHIP. It looks like the A's are trying their hand at a farm pitcher and hoping he pans out. The A's could sure use someone panning out for them. And money. Money doesn't hurt either.

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