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Cubs General Manager Search: Theo Epstein Reportedly On Wish List

While Oakland Athletics fans might be worried about losing general manager Billy Beane to the Chicago Cubs (or maybe not depending on which fans you ask), the search list appears to be developing into a who’s who of general managers.

Buster Olney recently speculated that the Cubs might consider Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. Red Sox chairman Tom Werner quickly shot down this rumor while Epstein offered up a no comment to the report.

It’s entirely possible there really is nothing to report on this and this is just some media speculation to move the dial. At the same time, the Cubs are a marquee franchise and the right job title (President?) and salary might be enough to even convince somebody working for another storied franchise like the Red Sox.

Where does this leave Billy Beane? He remains a marquee name and will no doubt be part of the speculation. With Yankees GM Brian Cashman also entering GM free agency, it could be a wild offseason. With a month left in the regular season, rumors will continue to swirl. Some of the leading candidates will be taking part in the playoffs in October leaving action potentially holding off until November.