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A’s-Red Sox Game Delayed For A Second Time In One Inning By Hurricane Irene

The Oakland A's have been delayed in Game 1 of their Saturday doubleheader against the Boston Red Sox. The game has already been delayed twice due to rain, first at the top of the seventh inning and now at the end of the same inning.

The A's have not fared too well thus far, trailing 9-2. The Red Sox poured in runs during each of the first five innings, including a two-inning stretch during the bottom of the second and third when Boston put in three runs each. Oakland has struggled to find its offense, getting one run each in the second and third innings but remaining scoreless through all of the others.

It looks highly unlikely that the two squads will be able to complete their doubleheader today. Hurricane Irene continues to press forward and wreck havoc on the East Coast, postponing current activity and pushing back sports events.

The A's need to fly out of Boston and get to Cleveland before the hurricane hits. Oakland will take on the Cleveland Indians in a four-game series scheduled to begin on Monday.