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Texas Rangers Fan Dies After Fall From Outfield Stands

Shocking news out of Arlington as a Texas Rangers fan has died after falling 20 feet from the right field stands. The fan fell from the stands after reaching over the railing to catch a baseball thrown into the stands by Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton during the A’s-Rangers game Thursday evening. The accident comes a year after a fan fell 20 to 30 feet while trying to catch a foul ball. That fan thankfully survived the fall.

Hamilton threw the ball into the stands and the fan reached over but due to awkward positioning he fell over the railing and to the ground below. The fan was apparently moving his arms on the ground and was taken away on a stretcher, but died on the way to the hospital.

Needless to say, Hamilton is distraught over the situation as is everybody involved in the game. The A’s clubhouse was silent after the game and the Rangers did not open their clubhouse to the media. Our prayers are with the man’s family.