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MLB Trade Rumors: Rich Harden-To-Red Sox Deal Falls Through

In not so surprising news, the trade that would have send Rich Harden from the Oakland Athletics to the Red Sox for Lars Anderson and a player to be named later has fallen through due to concerns about Harden's medical records. Harden has dealt with numerous injuries throughout his career so it's fitting that they would hold up a potential trade. Harden has made five straight starts for the A's and is scheduled to make his next start on Tuesday. It would be interesting to know what about the medical records caused a concern, or if the Red Sox simply got cold feet on the deal.

For the A's, that sends them back to square one with Harden and unlikely to deal him. If he is able to finish out the 2011 season healthy it will be interesting to see if he sticks with the A's on an inexpensive deal or is able to secure a decent-sized deal around the league.