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MLB Trade Rumors: Is Coco Crisp On The Block With Grant Green Move To Centerfield?

As the 2011 MLB trade deadline approaches, the most prominent name mentioned among the Oakland Athletics current veterans is Josh Willingham. He's been the A's biggest right handed bat and while that isn't saying a whole lot, a playoff contender could likely find some use out of him during the stretch run.

While Willingham has been the name heard most frequently, Coco Crisp may soon join him in the trade rumors. Coco has been a leader for the A's but as a 31-year old veteran in the final year of his contract, the A's are likely to try and find a new home for him before July 31. The likelihood of this might have increased following news that the A's have moved minor league shortstop Grant Green to center field. Green was fairly abysmal defensively with 21 errors in 79 games at Double-A Midland. This follows a 37-error season at Single-A Stockton.

The A's decision to move Green to center field could speed up his chances of making the big league team. He's not hitting with quite the same home run power as he did at Single-A, but the doubles are still there. If he can carry some doubles power to the big leagues he could find a spot for himself.

For now the question is how long before he moves up to Triple-A Sacramento. If the A's do start to unload some veterans, current Rivercats centerfielder Jai Miller could get an audition in Oakland, opening up centerfield in AAA for Green. Miller is viewed by many as a 4A player, meaning he's finding success at AAA but can't quite make the leap to the big leagues.