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Bob Geren Fired By Oakland Athletics: Live Online Stream For Billy Beane, Bob Melvin Press Conference

The Oakland Athletics announced their decision to fire manager Bob Geren earlier today and followed that up with Billy Beane on a teleconference. Although the team is on the road in Chicago through the weekend, they'll still be holding an official press conference to introduce Bob Melvin as the interim manager for the team.

The press conference will be starting at 1:30pm pacific time on CSN California. Here in the Bay Area, that is channel 41 in standard definition and 721 in HD. Additionally, CSN will provide a live online stream of the press conference. If you don't have cable or are at work, you can check out the press conference live.

If you miss the press conference, check back here in our Bob Geren stream as we'll make sure and post some of the pertinent comments. We'll also provide our own thoughts on what Billy Beane and Bob Melvin have to say about this change at the helm of the A's. I have a feeling we won't get much in the way of shocking comments or revelations. Given the personal relationship between Beane and Geren (Beane's best man at his wedding), I would imagine we'll get a lot of comments about moving forward and focusing in on the season and avoiding much discussion of the real reasons Geren was fired (losing the clubhouse).

In the meantime, make sure and head over to Athletics Nation for the continuing discussion about the firing of manager Bob Geren.