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Billy Beane Discusses Decision To Fire Bob Geren In Teleconference

Oakland Athletics GM Billy Beane will be conducting a press conference at 1:30pm pacific time, but in the meantime he held a teleconference to explain the situation and generally update reporters on what is going on. The folks at Sports Radio 95.7 tweeted out some of Beane's comments. While the A's GM didn't have anything mind-blowing at this point, it's always fun to try and read between the lines of his comments.

The most significant point he made was that Bob Melvin would have the rest of the year to prove himself as a potential long term option. Melvin has major league experience and if he can get the A's ship back on track, it wouldn't surprise me to see him get the full-time manager job. However, given that he's been on the job for about three hours now, it's probably a little too soon to determine what the A's manager position is looking like over the long haul.

It also sounds like Geren may be remaining with the organization in some capacity. Prior to being named manager, Geren had been the bench coach for several years and previously manager of the Sacramento Rivercats. He won't be sticking around with the A's big league coaching staff so it will be interesting to see how the team re-assigns him, if that is indeed the plan.