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Brett Anderson visiting Dr. James Andrews For Second Opinions: A's Fans Cringe

The news appears to only be getting worse for Brett Anderson and Oakland Athletics fans. Anderson flew back to Oakland to get an MRI on his sore left elbow and results have yet to be announced. Instead, Anderson is flying to Birmingham, Alabama to visit with noted orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews.

No sports fan likes to hear the name of Dr. Andrews connected with their favorite athlete. Andrews does great work in the world of sports medicine, but generally visits to Dr. Andrews result in extended stays on the disabled list. Given Brett Anderson’s elbow troubles, it’s safe to be concerned about that at this point.

Anderson has dealt with elbow issues in the past, with a stint on the disabled list due to elbow tightness last year (following a forearm injury earlier in the year). One reason to not be completely depressed about the situation is that June 4 last year an A’s source told Mychael Urban that Anderson was done for the year. Anderson was out two more months, returning July 30 and finishing out the season. We’re still waiting to hear further word on his current injury, but hopefully rest will be the difference-maker.