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Michael Crabtree Joins Twitter: Who Else Is Worth Following?

Recently 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree announced to the media that he had joined Twitter under the handl @kingcrab15. He has sent off two tweets with the highlight of eating oatmeal Thursday morning before practice. Not quite the most riveting material, but it's a start. Fans have plenty of questions for Crabtree and this account might help create some interesting communication between the fans and the former Texas Tech star.

If Crabtree's musings on Twitter do not interest you, I'm happy to inform you that there are plenty of other tweeting Bay Area athletes that are worth following. Some provide humorous tweets while others provide some of the most bizarre comments you'll ever read.

If you're looking for the various Bay Area athletes available on Twitter, we've used the @sbnbayarea twitter account to compile lists based on each team. For now, here is each list of players on twitter:








Some of the players can be pretty vanilla and boring. Others have really gotten into Twitter and have some interesting things to say. I don't know if they'll ever approach Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett tweeting during a police stop, but there are some good ones.

Some of the more amusing/interesting/bizarre players include Brandon McCarthy and Brett Anderson of the Oakland A's and Joe Staley and Anthony Dixon of the San Francisco 49ers. There are a lot of Bay Area athletes on Twitter (I follow 74 and I'm sure there are more) so it's easy to overlook some of them in terms of entertaining tweets. I'd recommend just checking out the Bay Area athletes and finding your own personal favorites.