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Athletics vs. Marlins: David DeJesus Returns To The Lineup

The Oakland Athletics sit waiting for the Tuesday rain to stop at the Oakland Coliseum but are ready to open their series with the Florida Marlins. The A’s will look to put together a solid homestand as the All Star Break approaches. After the A’s complete six games with Florida and Arizona, they play Seattle for three at home and four against Texas on the road. Given how tight the AL West has become this season, those seven games could allow the A’s to get right back into the thick of things. However, in the mean time they’ll need to take care of business in interleague play.

The A’s will once again roll with Jemile Weeks and Cliff Pennington at the top of the lineup. Coco Crisp remains in the three spot while Josh Willingham recovers from his Achilles injury and Hideki Matsui is back to the designated hitter role for now. The A’s are going with Ryan Sweeney in left field and David DeJesus in right field. DeJesus has been sitting out fairly frequently the last couple weeks but it sounds like he’ll get several starts this week against right handed pitching.

Oakland Athletics
1. Jemile Weeks 2B
2. Cliff Pennington SS
3. Coco Crisp CF
4. Hideki Matsui DH
5. Conor Jackson 1B
6. Ryan Sweeney LF
7. Kurt Suzuki C
8. David DeJesus RF
9. Scott Sizemore 3B

Florida Marlins
1. Emilio Bonifacio LF
2. Omar Infante 2B
3. Gaby Sanchez 1B
4. Hanley Ramirez SS
5. Mike Stanton RF
6. Jose Lopez 3B
7. Logan Morrison DH
8. John Buck C
9. Dewayne Wise CF