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Athletics vs. Giants, Bay Bridge Series History: Crazy Crab Costs Stomper Victory Versus Lou Seal

The San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics have a fairly intense rivalry between the fans that only picks up during the annual Bay Bridge series of interleague play. The two teams have had some exciting finishes in a rivalry that really dates back to the days when the A's played in Philadelphia and the Giants played in New York. The May interleague series saw the two teams go into extra innings in two of the three games.

However, as intense as the rivalry can be between the players and fans, it should surprise nobody that the rivalry spills over to the mascots. In today's look at Bay Bridge Series history, we take you back to a 2006 tricycle race between Giants mascot Lou Seal and A's mascot Stomper. As the video after the jump shows, a normally fair and even race turned ugly thanks to the re-emergence of a Giants mascot "legend."

After Stomper took an early lead in the race, Lou Seal received assistance from arguably the most unpopular mascot in sports history, The Crazy Crab. The Crab ran on the field to knock over Stomper and help Lou emerge victorious. We'll see if the Crab makes a return appearance to the Coliseum this weekend.