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VIDEO: Warrior Dorell Wright Throws First Pitch at A's Game, Hilarity Ensues

Golden State Warriors Forward Dorell Wright threw out the honorary first pitch at the Oakland A's game against the Texas Rangers on Friday, but didn't exactly excite the scouts with his delivery. The NBA's leader in 3 point shots made this season's form wasn't all that bad, but when it came to execute his pitch, he was just a smidge off the plate; and the batter's box as well.

Here's the official tweet from the Warriors about how well Wright fared:

@DWRIGHTWAY1 threw the first pitch at Friday's @OaklandAs game. Good form, but it was juuust a bit outside.

A bit of underplay with that assessment...

Here's the link to the video itself:

You could tell by the look on his face that it wasn't his best effort once the ball was released, and he doesn't take much time to get settled on the mound. He literally bounces the ball in the front of the left batter's box, and had little to no velocity on it either. Good think you have jump shot Dorell, because I don't think anyone will be signing you to a minor league contract anytime soon.

I wil admit though, he was looking fresh in the Green & Yellow. He at least had that going for him.

Work on that leg kick, your intimidation face, and you release point Mr. Wright, and maybe the A's will have you back to throw another one of these days.