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Athletics vs. Rangers: Gio Gonzalez Saved By Rain Out Providing Excuse For Obligatory Milli Vanilli Video

Oakland Athletics starter Gio Gonzalez found himself struggling immensely on Wednesday as the Texas Rangers put up seven runs in the third inning. The big inning included a grand slam from Mitch Moreland, an RBI double by Andres Blanco, and a pair of bases loaded walks. All was not looking well for Gonzalez and the A’s.

Fortunately for them, and unfortunately for Mitch Moreland and the Texas Rangers, those runs now only exist in an alternate reality. After jumping out to a 7-0 lead, the Rangers had to sit and watch the rain come through and wipe it all away. The A’s and Rangers had faced a rain delay Tuesday night, but were able to get the rest of the game in. They were not quite so lucky on Wednesday. The rain delayed the game for two hours and fourteen minutes before the umpires decided to call it a day.

As divisional foes, it was a pretty easy call to postpone the game to another day. The A’s travel back down to Arlington July 8-10 and September 9-11. MLB should have little trouble fitting a double-header somewhere in those six games.