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Oakland A's Injury News: Tyson Ross Reportedly Replacing Dallas Braden Tonight Due To Braden Neck Injury,

A’s beat writer Susan Slusser tweeted via @CountryFastball that Dallas Braden reportedly has a neck injury and will be scratched from his start tonight. The belief is that Tyson Ross will be called up from the minors to start in his place. The A’s have made no announcement yet and Dallas Braden made no indication in recent days that he had any sort of neck injury. If Country Fastball’s sources are correct, the A’s would likely announce the move sometime in the early afternoon around lunch time.

For those who don’t know about Country Fastball or where it’s getting this information, the company is run by Robert Buan, formerly an A’s radio personality. Buan has plenty of contacts with the team and with players on the team, so I would not expect this to be some shot in the dark. It’s possible the source could prove wrong, but if I had to bet money on it, I’d think it’s accurate.

Tyson Ross lost the fifth starter job to Brandon McCarthy in spring training. McCarthy looked solid yesterday amidst shaky defense. Ross made 26 appearances for the A’s in 2010, with two of them being starts.