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Trevor Cahill Rumors: Potential Jarrod Parker Deal With Diamondbacks Still Fluid

The rumor mill heated up on Friday as the Oakland Athletics and Arizona Diamondbacks were connected on a possible trade involving starting pitcher Trevor Cahill. Naturally this has led to a flood of competing rumors about the deal. Initially the reports were a deal just involving RHP Jarrod Parker. Then the deal would also include Collin Cowgill, with Craig Breslow joining Cahill in heading to Arizona.

Ken Rosenthal tweeted the deal was still fluid but that it was close to being done. This came shortly after Bob Nightengale tweeted that Arizona plans on having Parker fill their fifth starter role and thus would not include him in the deal. Parker and Cahill are actually the same age, but Parker has no MLB service time while Cahill has three years of MLB service time.

This situation remains in flux with competing rumors flying around. It sounds like a deal could happen very soon. Of course, this deal could also fall apart in a matter of minutes, so we'll just have to wait and see. For more on the A's, head over to Athletics Nation.