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Albert Pujols Signs With Angels: Could Mark Trumbo Head To The Oakland A's?

The big news of the day saw superstar slugger Albert Pujols sign with the Los Angeles Angels. Pujols joined C.J. Wilson in signing with the Angels and setting them up as the favorites in the American League West. Pujols will likely take over at first base, which could leave the Angels looking to move Mark Trumbo either to a new position or a new team.

There have been some rumors the Oakland Athletics might be interested in a Bailey-for-Trumbo deal. That was subsequently shot down by another source, but anything is possible at this point. The A's have some potential options at first base in Brandon Allen and Chris Carter, but given the moves they may or may not be considering, nothing can really be ruled out. The team is potentially trying to move guys like Gio Gonzalez and Andrew Bailey and those deals will involve plenty of moving parts.

As for any other impact on the A's from the Angels acquisitions? Well, let's just say, it's a good thing the A's were not planning on contending the next few years. It might be rather difficult otherwise.