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Proof Sometimes Life Sucks? Tim McCarver Beats Out Bill King For Ford C. Frick Award

Wednesday afternoon saw the Nationall Baseball Hall of Fame announce the winner of the Ford C. Frick Award, awarded annually to a broadcaster for major contributions to baseball. This year, in the worst decision the Hall of Fame has made in some time, they decided to honor Tim McCarver and not former A's all-time great announcer Bill King.

Bill King deserves the honor no matter what, but to lose out to Tim McCarver? It is enough proof that the selection committee does not actually know what people like and do not like in an announcer. It is unfortunate that panelists like Vin Scully, Joe Garagiola and the other living winners of the award do not recognize how awful an announcer Tim McCarver really is . I suppose when we are talking about major contributions, being a crappy announcer does not actually factor into the decision. Good to know. Maybe next year, Bill King.