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Oakland A's Stadium Update: White Sox Owner Jerry Reinsdorf Supports San Jose Stadium

The Oakland Athletics have spent much of the last seven years trying to resolve their stadium issues. The team struggled to find anything in Oakland and moved on to Fremont. When the housing market collapsed, a Fremont stadium based in a new residential neighborhood fell with it. Now the A's are looking at San Jose. The significant problem with San Jose is that the San Francisco Giants hold the territorial rights to Santa Clara County.

The Giants have held out against the A's moving into their territory as they are looking to further build themselves into more than just a regional power. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has had a committee looking into the issue for several years now and rumors are swirling that something might finally get done after years of twiddling thumbs.

MLB owners have the ability to overturn territorial votes with a sufficient vote. Owners could vote on the issue at the January owners's meetings and one owner has already come out in favor of the A's moving to San Jose. Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf has come out in favor of the A's moving to San Jose. He's a Lew Wolff buddy so this is not exactly like the Giants coming out in favor, but it is a step in the right direction.

Although the owners can indeed vote on the rights, even if they have the votes, I would be surprised if they just overturned the rights given the relationships that need to be maintained between the owners. If the rights are ever overturned, it will require a significant payout to the Giants.