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Andrew Bailey Trade: A's Acquire Josh Reddick From Red Sox, For Bailey, Ryan Sweeney

The Boston Red Sox have been going hard after Andrew Bailey for quite some time. With Jonathan Papelbon departing, the Sox need a closer to finish off their games in the hard-hitting AL, and they might have found the bargain they were looking for when they managed to swing the Bailey trade.

The Oakland Athletics didn't really get that much in return. Josh Reddick was their prize, if you can call him that. Reddick did play right field for the Sox when Ryan Kalish and J.D. Drew got injured and had a fairly nice season, so it's a decent prize.

The Red Sox also picked up Ryan Sweeney, who was average in Oakland and will likely be around average in Boston. The A's also got prospects Miles Head and Raul Alcantara, but neither is expected to make big contributions in the near future. No big surprises here.

Hard to say who won this trade, but it looks like Boston got what they wanted out of it and Oakland will have to hope Reddick pans out.

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