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Oakland A's To Be Granted Permission To Move To San Jose, According To Report

The Oakland Athletics have been trying to relocate to the South Bay for years. According to a report, they may be receiving permission to do so within the next few months.

The Oakland Athletics may have received an amazing bit of good news for Christmas. On Saturday morning, Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported that the A's will receive permission by February to move to San Jose.

According to Nightengale, this is the indication that is coming from "all signs and top MLB sources." The most recent news prior to this was the statement from Bud Selig in November that he would soon be meeting with San Francisco Giants officials to discuss the possibility and ramifications of an A's move. The Giants have long held claim to San Jose as their market and territory.

If this indeed proves true, I can only imagine that the A's executives will be overjoyed. Also overjoyed will likely be Cisco, who has been planning on building the Athletics a new stadium ever since the ill-fated potential move to Milpitas a few years ago.

Stay tuned for more news as this situation develops.

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