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VIDEO: Brian Wilson, MC Hammer Endorse Ed Lee For Mayor Of San Francisco

As we get further into October, November is just around the corner, which means election season is heating up across the country. Generally we prefer to stay away from politics on a sports website, but this is one instance where that is not possible.

Ed Lee is currently serving as the interim mayor of San Francisco following Gavin Newsom's election as Lt. Governor of California. Lee is now running for mayor of San Francisco, with Election Day set for November 8. With only two weeks remaining until the election, Ed Lee is officially pulling out the big guns.

I don't quite know if this video was officially sanctioned by Ed Lee, but either way it's a well-timed move for the campaign. Bay Area celebrities including Brian Wilson, MC Hammer, Ronnie Lott, Willie Brown are stepping in to promote Ed Lee's candidacy.

Indeed East Bay meets San Francisco as we get a Hammer sighting and Brian Wilson doing Hammer dance moves IN HAMMER PANTS! I don't think we really need anything else in life. Enjoy: