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Oakland A's Attempting To Buy Land In San Jose For New Stadium

On Tuesday, San Jose city officials will meet to discuss the proposed sale of several land parcels that would comprise the site of a new Oakland A's stadium. The only problem is that Major League Baseball has yet to give the A's any sort of approval to move to San Jose, which has long been the territory of the San Francisco Giants.

Officials for both the A's and the city of San Jose claim that this acquiring of land parcels is a preemptive move that may force MLB's hand into handing out a decision. I'm not sure if that is a smart move on the part of the Athletics, but they've been waiting for word on a move to the South Bay for years now, and none has been forthcoming.

Cisco has been attached to build a stadium for the A's since 2006. Cisco Field was originally going to open in Fremont, but the city of Fremont didn't seem to agree. The plans for that stadium were gorgeous, and it looks like Cisco still very much wants to be part of a potential San Jose stadium for the A's, releasing some mock images last year.

Hopefully MLB will give the A's a definitive answer shortly, and they can either start building a shiny new stadium or know for certain that they'll have to cast their nets elsewhere. If history is any indication, however, I'm not holding my breath.

(Via Silicon Valley Business Journal)