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VIDEO: "Millenball" Highlights Why Lions Sucked For So Long

Did you see Moneyball? Yeah, me too. A heart warming story about what it takes to make the Oakland A's a winner.

Now thanks to the folks over at Funny or Die we have Millenball, the story of the Detroit Lions under general manager Matt Millen and the years of putridity that followed in his wake. From excessive alcohol consumption to terrible draft picks, from stockpiling wide receivers to not listening to what anyone else around him had to say, Millenball is a true to life tale that takes us on a journey into what it meant to be a Detroit Lion under the Matt Millen regime. Make the jump to see for yourself.

Who ever they got to play Matt Millen in this video just cracks me up, I don't know why. He's like Ron Swanson meets my neighbor who never leaves his apartment. But I digress...

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