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Houston Astros Expected To Move To American League West

As MLB's postseason rolls on, non-playoff teams still find themselves in the news. The Houston Astros have been up for sale for some time now and a deal appears to be close to completion. According to Peter Gammons, the deal should be done in November. More importantly, reports indicate that Bud Selig has made any ownership change contingent upon the Astros moving to the American League. The 2012 schedule of opponents has already been released, so my guess is the Astros make the move in 2013.


Houston businessman Jim Crane has been working to get a deal done and has reportedly discussed a possible move with Selig. The move likely indicates a switch over to the American League West, which would even out all six divisions at five teams apiece. The only other option would be moving Houston to the AL Central and moving one of those teams over. However, the geographic Houston-Texas rivalry would seem to make an AL West move all the better. Maybe a few games against the abysmal Astros could launch the A's into the playoff picture!