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Oakland Athletics Announce MC Hammer Bobblehead Giveaway

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Now that January is upon us, baseball's spring training is just around the corner. As baseball season approaches teams release their promotional giveaway schedules. The Oakland Athletics were the first of the two Bay Area teams to begin releasing their 2011 promotional schedule and they may have a homerun giveaway on their hands.

Every year teams give out bobbleheads three or four times per year. This year the A's have announced three bobblehead giveaways, with a chance for a fourth. The A's will be giving away a Rickey Henderson Bobblehead on April 30, an MC Hammer Bobblehead on July 17, and a Ray Fosse bobblehead on August 13. Yes, you read that correctly. The A's are giving out a bobblehead of former bat boy MC Hammer! The Rickey and Ray bobbleheads will be plenty popular, but I'd imagine an MC Hammer bobblehead could prove quite valuable on eBay.

After the jump, I've posted a rundown of some of the A's various promotions.

Sat May 28 - vs. Orioles
Sat Jul 2 - vs. Diamondbacks
Fri Jul 29 - vs. Twins
Sat Aug 20 - vs. Blue Jays
Fri Sept 16 - vs. Tigers

XFINITY Friday Family Pack
Apr 1 - vs. Mariners
Apr 15 - vs. Tigers
Apr 29 - vs. Rangers
May 13 - vs. White Sox
May 27 - vs. Orioles
Jun 17 - vs. Giants
Jul 1 - vs. Diamondbacks
Jul 15 - vs. Angels
Jul 29 - vs. Twins
Aug 12 - vs. Rangers
Aug 19 - vs. Blue Jays
Sept 2 - vs. Mariners
Sept 16 - vs. Tigers