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MLB Winter Meetings 2010: Vladimir Guerrero Possibly On The Table For The Oakland Athletics?

As the Oakland Athletics continue their pursuit of Hideki Matsui as a possible answer at designated hitter, another DH option might be appearing on the horizon. Susan Slusser is reporting that Vladimir Guerrero has let it be known that he is open to shorter contracts with the entire AL West. Previously he was open to a one year contract with the Rangers and presumably wanted three years from everybody else. However, Slusser is indicating Guerrero is open to a one year deal with an option for a second with any of the AL West teams.

Slusser states that Matsui remains at the top of the A’s list, but one would have to imagine that Oakland would strongly consider signing Vlad if there was a chance it could happen. After struggling with injuries in his final year in Anaheim, Guerrero signed a one year deal with Texas and had quite the bounce back year. He finished with a line of .300/.345/.496, and while his OBP wasn’t spectacular, he would be coming to Oakland because of his pop in the middle of the order.

Although Vlad constantly looks like a guy on the verge of back surgery, he has consistently put up great power numbers. Although he only played 100 games in 2009, he’s consistently played 140 to 150 games for most of his career. Additionally, even as he is steadily aging, Guerrero is still an imposing threat in any lineup given his aggressive approach at the plate. Hideki Matsui would be a solid DH option, but Vlad still brings an intimidation factor.