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Happy Festivus: Airing Your Bay Area Sports Grievances

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For those that weren't aware today is Festivus, which isthe holiday created by Frank Costanza on Seinfeld. It's a Festivus for the rest of us. The replacement for the Christmas tree is a tall metal pole and the celebration includes feats of strength and airing of grievances. Normally I'm not a big complainer, but Bay Area sports certainly provides a variety of grievances worth exploring. To quote Frank Costanza: "I got a lot of problems with you people! And now, you're gonna hear about it."

For football fans, the 49ers have certainly had a rough year from the top on down. We've heard proclamations of division championship glory from Jed York even as the team stumbles through the season. If the 49ers win the division it will indeed be a Christmas miracle. The grievances this year are so numerous that it might be worth its own post later today at Niners Nation.

San Francisco Giants fans really can't have any grievances given that they just won the World Series. Even if there is something to complain about (like letting Juan Uribe leave for the Dodgers), they're officially in their five year window (as stated by Bill Simmons) when they really can't complain about their team. So they get the year off from the airing of grievances.

Oakland Athletics fans can raise a collective grievance against Adrian Beltre for his continued refusal to sign with the A's. The team offers him buckets of money and a chance to be a star on this team and he continually refuses. In previous years the complaints might have been about spending money, but this year the problem is refusals by various players.

Warriors fans can complain plenty of previous ownership, but thankfully they're out of the way. The team is certainly struggling and I'd imagine some folks would have plenty of complaints about a variety of players, even those playing well. Feel free to post your own grievances below.

Cal football fans can complain about the inability to develop a decent QB for the Tedford offense. Cal churns out running backs like crazy but can't get a decent QB to save their live lately. Since Aaron Rodgers it's been questionable QB after questionable QB. Before this past season who know they might be pining for the days of Nate Longshore!

Stanford football fans should air grievances about themselves for not showing up at games. It didn't cost them a BCS bowl berth but it was a bit embarrassing for a BCS-worthy program. In the New Year they may have their own grievances if Andrew Luck goes pro and Jim Harbaugh leaves town.

Oakland Raiders fans will find something to complain about but things have finally taken a step forward for the silver and black. Like Cal fans they may also have grievances about their QB situation. It's been a consistent struggle since they went to the Super Bowl.

And we'll wrap up with Sharks fans. I'd imagine they would primarily complain about an inability to break through and win a Stanley Cup. They've put together excellent teams year in and year out and yet they can't break through and win or even reach the Stanley Cup. I'd imagine this is a continuing grievance.