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Bay Area's Jake Shields tells Johny Hendricks to 'quit crying'

Jake Shields has called out Johny Hendricks in the wake of fellow Cesar Gracie fighter Nick Diaz leapfrogging Hendricks for a title shot at Georges St-Pierre.

This is Jake Shields "giving it his all."
This is Jake Shields "giving it his all."

We already talked about why it's absolute bush league that Nick Diaz is likely to fight Georges St-Pierre next as opposed to Johny Hendricks (though the latter will apparently get a title shot, according to Dana White), but the saga isn't ending there. Another Bay Area fighter, Jake Shields, has called out Hendricks.

Shields took to Twitter, and told Hendricks to "quit crying." He then said "Nicks done more than you. It's cool you beat my old punching bags at AKA but I think you need to fight me next."

Now, Shields is teammates with Diaz, so it all makes sense from that standpoint. What doesn't make sense? The circumstances and this "potential fight." That's in quotes because this fight should not happen under any circumstances.

For one, Shields has never looked anything but awful in the UFC. Just really, truly awful. Since oming into the UFC, he's 2-2-1, and is suspended/coming off a suspension. His wins are over Yoshihiro Akiyama and Martin Kampmann, though the latter fight could have easily been scored the other way.

Hendricks, meanwhile, has beaten three top five fighters in a row on his title run, something that is essentially unprecedented in the UFC.

That being said, a fight between Shields and Hendricks would be interesting, given the style matchups. One would have to think it would end with Hendricks blitzing Shields, but if the fight turns into any kind of grappling contest, we could see Hendricks tested.

Thankfully, it's a fight that is very unlikely. Shields' claims are way off base here (Hendricks has unquestionably beat better talent) and he doesn't deserve that fight, especially because his last fight was at a different weight class.