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UFC trying to get Renen Barao to defend Interim belt against California's Michael McDonald

California's Michael McDonald might be challenging Renen Barao for his Interim Bantamweight Championship.


Following UFC 154, Dana White suggested that the organization is trying to get Renen Barao to defend his Interim Bantamweight Championship, rather than wait for injured champion Dominick Cruz. It's been a trend in the UFC for fighters to win the interim belts, only to sit on the shelf and wait for the champion to return from injury. For the fans, it's a useless title.

Barao had stated that he was going to wait for Cruz, who still has no timetable on his return and could be out for several more months. Now, by most accounts, the UFC can't actually force Barao to fight, but they can give him some extra ... incentive.

When asked if the Modesto, CA born Michael McDonald would be the fighter to challenge Barao, White replied "I think so, yeah."

McDonald is 4-0 in the UFC and 15-1 overall. His most recent fight was a first round knockout of perennial contender Miguel Torres. There is considerable hype behind "Mayday," and a fight with Barao, who has won 30 fights in a row, would be huge for his career and the division.

Barao won the interim belt after a unanimous decision victory over Urijah Faber at UFC 149.