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Nonito Donaire in potential fight with Abner Mares in 2013?

A few hurdles remain in the way of a potential Donaire vs. Mares bout in the coming months.

Harry How - Getty Images

There is a long way to go before boxers Nonito Donaire and Abner Mares reach an agreement to fight in the coming months, but a recent report suggests the two sides could be nearing a deal if a few hurdles are cleared.

As the Examiner explained in a recent story, Mares could be free to fight Donaire in 2013 if he's able to win his upcoming bout on November 10. He would then be free from his current contract with Golden Boy promotions, freeing him to pick his next fight as he and his trainers feel fit. Here is what Top Rank CEO Bob Arum had to say about the potential fight.

"Well, if Mares wins the fight, his contract is expiring with Golden Boy and so he can do that fight," stated Arum.

Even if Mares wins, there would still likely be lengthy negotiations before a deal was agreed on by both sides. The rumors of a fight will likely continue in the coming weeks, but it's probably best to proceed with cautious optimism moving forward.