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DeMarcus Cousins responds to O.J. Mayo's comments

Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins doesn't particularly think too much of the opinion of O.J. Mayo of the Dallas Mavericks.

Ronald Martinez

The Sacramento Kings lost tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks 98-85, dropping them to 7-14 on the season as they lost their second in a row. The loss by the Kings could partially be attributed to the absence of DeMarcus Cousins. The NBA suspended Cousins for an incident that involved decking Mavericks guard O.J. Mayo below the belt.

Mayo was displeased with the actions of the Sacramento superstar, and would later call out Cousins for having issues, particularly with his overall maturity but also potentially mental troubles. Here is the response from Cousins, which seems to indicate that he doesn't have much of an opinion of Mayo's opinion based on his prior reputation.

"I heard," Cousins said. "This coming from a guy that doesn’t have a great image himself. So what does his really mean? I’m fine with it."

Cousins's suspension might have been more of a reputation suspension for prior misdeeds. He has already been suspended once this season for an incident involving a confrontation with Spurs announcer Sean Elliott, and has been hit with numerous technical fouls on the year.