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Kings, Virginia Beach work out details on arena proposal, according to report

Virginia Beach now has a concrete proposal for an arena that would house the Kings.

Jed Jacobsohn

The possibility that the Sacramento Kings might move to Virginia took another step forward, reports CSN Bay Area, as Virginia Beach has worked out a clear proposal for a new arena. The proposal seeks $150 million from the state of Virginia to help cover "construction costs and moving expenses for the unnamed team."

It may be unnamed in that instance, but the full report contains a more clear idea of who would fill the arena: "The Kings would be the main tenant." Earlier reports have indicated that Kings ownership has met with Virginia governor Bob McDonnell as well as officials from Virginia Beach. The official ownership line on the move is that they have been approached over the years by several cities, but they offer no specific comments.

Previous developments regarding a new arena for the Kings in Sacramento fell apart when the Kings' ownership indicated they were not willing to pay for a good portion of any new arena. The city pursued the possibility of building an arena without the guarantee of the Kings as an anchor tenant, but that did not appear to go anywhere.